10 Things to consider between now and January

I reached out to an elder this morning. Someone whose been in the world a lot longer than me with wisdom and longevity in the struggle. As always, they offered wise counsel and insight. Some of it is intermingled below with my own reflections:

1) Please remember that Facebook and other websites are built on algorithms. We are preaching to the choir in an echo-chamber of people who likely share the same values, political stances, and opinions as we do. The folks you want to hear you will not. Not here at least.

2) Intellectuals talk a lot but often act little. They don’t have as much to lose as those on the margins. I’m thinking of the reality that had all the Democrats in Washtenaw County voted, Michigan would have have #goneblue.

3) How many of those now protesting actually voted? Yeah, you do not really get to play both sides. Where were those Bernie supporters on Tuesday?

3) Speaking of Bernie, many who voted for Hillary Clinton did so out of party solidarity and symbolism after his loss. Not because she was actually the better candidate (including me). Yes, she is far better than Trump, but lest we forget this was an anti-establishment (not just anti-everything else) election. I got issues with the establishment too. Just like those rural farmers and working class white dudes (and their wives) who my people have been pitted against since our ancestors feet were planted on this land.

3a) To that end, the DNC has taken POC and WOC for granted for far too long. Where is our backlash against them? 95% of black women who voted backed Hillary Clinton in spite of the fact that on the Democrats’ watch, millions of our sons and daughters have suffered and died. Eff welfare and entitlements, I want economic justice.

4) Never has there been a back-to-back Democrat or Republican presidency. This happens every 8 years.

5) Please remember how thinned-skinned Trump is and how dangerous Pence is. They are the types who will pay you back in unimaginable ways. Be strategic.

6) Our protests must be strategic and substantive. Lamenting what has already happened has proven ineffective. Remember the protests of the summer? Black men and women continue to be shot and killed by police. Policies, for the most part, have not changed.

6a) Our protests also cannot be about venting what is essentially your own guilt. I have seen and heard a lot of guilt this last week. Personally, you can miss me with that. If you feel bad don’t tell me, tell your family who voted for him when you’re gathered for Thanksgiving dinner. That is where the work needs to begin.

7) You cannot impeach a President for his actions before he was elected.

8) What we do not want is a military state. Those that killed the BPP, Martin, Malcolm and the Kennedy’s are not gone. You saw what Comey did, right?

8a) Violence will bring the national guard. We do not want Obama to be forced to do that and we damn sure do not want Trump to. Now to January is critical. Let’s conserve our energy for what’s ahead.

9) The level of organizing that needs to be done will require us to get off of Facebook and other social media outlets and act. Yes, it is a tool. However, that is it. Save your proselytizing and let us get to work. In silence.

10) I see many duplicate organizing efforts beginning which only weakens what is already being done. Pantsuits are cool but there are a whole lot of grassroots organizations that have been at this work a LONG time and need your time, talent and treasure to accelerate the work they were doing before last Tuesday.

imageDon’t start something else, join existing efforts and make them stronger. Off the top of my head: any of the ethnic chambers of commerce, Mothering Justice, Progressive Women’s PAC, The CincyBlack Agenda (which we need a version of in Detroit), Lips and Hips, Detroit Black Food Security Network, Equality Michigan, ACCESS, Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation, FoodLab, First Independence Bank (how many of you will move your money there???), Black Lives Matter to name a few.

POC/W/LGBTQ led efforts desperately need capacity. Find them and support them.

I’m missing so many (charge it to my head and not my heart), please add them in the comments okay?

C’mon y’all. Get out of your feelings. We’ve got two years until midterms and four years until the next election. That ain’t a long time but this IS about the long game. Where’s our leadership pipeline?

Peace. (exits to mastermind with some #badass Mommas)


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