Our Dynamic Team

…is dedicated to helping women lead their best lives.  We value feminist practice values.  Here, there are no bosses.

Our staff lead and support one another collectively, and everyone’s professional and personal vision are the very foundation of our teamwork.

We offer a transient space for our team members hoping to build strong, confident women to continue to contribute to the world.

Yodit Mesfin Johnson

L&H Founder. Rainmaker. Instigator. Feminist.

I founded Lips & Hips to create a space where girls and women could dream, plan and DO what they are purposed for. Lips & Hips is not a professional association or club, we are a company focused on women’s personal leadership development. We curate events, experiences and most recently a curriculum-driven leadership program that supports women living out their purpose.

In my career and personal time you can find me championing causes that promote equity and access for all people; especially women and minorities. Like every good woman, a have a side hustle –a vegan, organic lip gloss line called The Many Facets of Her. I am powered by service to others and serve as mentor to amazing group of young ladies from the Downtown Detroit Boxing Youth Program. In 2014 I co-launched a lip gloss line with them called Unstoppable. For me, the most important key to social justice is economic empowerment. Welcome to my world!

Danielle DeAngelis

Student. Friend. Support. L&H Sous Chef.

My world connected with Lips & Hips through a course in which I was given the opportunity to meet and work with Yodit. After a semester long project that introduced LipService: the Lips & Hips Blog, we both knew there was more to be done! So, as a driven novice with a passion for building community and empowering individuals, I serve Lips & Hips as a new member to the team and a sort of Sous Chef, performing a variety of tasks to help brings us to the next level. You will find me planning events, reaching out to new communities, and helping our lip gloss lines grow, all while spreading the L&H word. I believe collaboration is key to growth and success, so please contact me with thoughts, ideas, etc.

Brialle Ringer

Movement Manager. Visionary. Scholar-Activist. Wellness Advocate. Hula Hooper

I am a proud mixed race, vegetarian, hula-hooping, feminist woman. My work is informed by an understanding of the dynamics of privilege, power, and oppression in which I consider how the intersections of our identities shape the way we view and experience the world. Social justice is my passion and I enjoy action-research where I have the ability to use my critical thinking skills to analyze oppressive structures and brainstorm action steps for improvement. For example, my current project focuses on the lives of college students experiencing homelessness and using community organizing strategies to raise awareness about this issue and advocate for improved support. Although I stay very busy working towards my professional goals, I balance my work with time to rest, play, and heal. Healing is a necessary process for personal growth and social change, so I practice regular self-care and promote holistic wellness practices. I believe in our ability to transform and heal ourselves through intentional living and I trust in our collective power to change the world by living a fulfilled life as our authentic selves. I affirm my existence as a magical and powerful force and look forward to connecting to other women filled with love and light!

Michele Lewis Watts

Mentor. Athlete. Voice. Friend.

I work to improve society for girls and women through advocacy, action and education.  I currently serve as a Sports Administration adjunct faculty member and is working toward my Ph.D. in Exercise and Sport Science at Wayne State University. My research interests center on the gap in sports participation by African American girls in inner cities.  I coach high school and club volleyball helping to grow the game in the city, and serves on the board of Detroit PAL. I have more than 15 years of experience in sports and events management. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from North Carolina A&T State University and Masters in Sports Administration from Ohio University. As a former member of the semi-professional, 5-time champion Detroit Demolition women’s tackle football, I reside in Southfield, MI with my husband Anthony.

Celeste Davis

Visionary. Jack of All Trades. Advocate. Preacher. Teacher. Sister.

I began working with Lips & Hips in late 2013 and immediately jumped in to grow programming and strategy.  In addition to vision programs for the organization, I oversee the involvement of all contributors and helps organize programming.  I am the can-do woman working behind the scenes all in the name of social justice and women’s empowerment. Call me a jack-of-all-trades, a multi-disciplinary skill set provides the organization with the hands-on leadership and mentorship that drives our mission and work.

Courtney McCluney

Managing Editor of LipService. Social Justice Researcher. Gender and Race Scholar. Organizational Psychologist in Training. Jesus Follower. Blogger. Thinker. Dreamer. Doer.

I observe the world from my standpoint as a Black, feminist, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend to inform my research of diversity and inclusion at work. My passion is leveraging my position as a researcher to ignite real change for women, minorities, and women of color. Lips & Hips is helping me to “become” the woman that I am destined to be. It is my goal to plant the same seed in this organization.

Jasmine Dolfus

Affirmer. Writer. Connector.

I am simply a woman chasing after God and His divine assignment for me on earth. I’m drawn towards impeccable ethics, meaningful work, humility, honesty, transparency, vulnerability, spirituality, and brilliance. I believe we are all connected and that things happen for a reason, therefore, we must not harm others because we will only be harming ourselves.

I am a bridge builder for people of different cultures, religions, or schools of thought and an enabler of mutual understanding and support. My goal is to look past the outer shell of a person and to embrace his or her humanity.

My eyes light up when I engage in activities promoting diversity, mind/body/soul wellness , interfaith dialogue, Christian unity, racial harmony, corporate responsibility, domestic and international social justice, attaining highest self, love, empowerment, and healing.

Although I fall short often, I strive to practice Service before Self. Feel free to contact me if I can be of service to you.