“A small garden, figs, a little cheese, and, along with this, three or four good friends – such was luxury to Epicurus.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

We are delighted to announce our newest program for women; a monthly dinner series called Sista Suppers™. These intimate dinners (with just 20 tickets sold for each) celebrate women, food and community. The idea was born out of lots of feedback from women wanting to connect and learn with and from other women in social spaces absent of a lot of being talked “at”.  Join us to eat well, meet some cool women and learn something new.

Sista Suppers is all about creating an intimate space for women to dine, dialogue and celebrate the divine power of our feminine energy. We’ll throw in some juicy topics to discuss over dinner using the ‘World-Cafe” model (an innovative structured conversational process intended to facilitate open and intimate discussion, and link ideas within a larger group to access the collective intelligence and wisdom in the room).

Participants eat first, hear from dynamic speakers and then move between a series of tables where they continue the discussion with each other based on the specific topic for the evening. Get it?! Eat! Meet! Learn!

Our very first dinner will be about Re-Imagining Assets and Liabilities with financial disrupter, Angela Barbash of ReValue. You will never think of these two topics in the same way! Angela wowed the audience at our #DPDX event and it was your feedback that motivated us to select her as our inaugural presenter/facilitator.

Register today!

Bon Apetit, Sista!